Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finally out of limbo

It's been awhile since I last posted.  Unfortunately my quest to blog at least weekly has not been successful :(  I'm determined to get off my butt and blog what I want as opposed to what I think I "should" blog about.  An update on the move.  We still haven't found a place yet, but the commuting back and forth is killing us with the high gas prices and we cannot travel with all of our pets.  By the end of May I will no longer be an "Austinite".  I've lived almost my entire adulthood here and it's going to be odd leaving.  We are going to live with my grandparents for now as they have the space while continuing to look for our own home.    While not necessarily an ideal situation, it will help with rebuilding our savings as my grandparents don't have any sort of rent or mortgage to pay.  We'd help with utilities and groceries which isn't much thankfully.  While am still on the fence about moving, I know it's for the best.  Fortunately for now, my bills are very minor so I can help out as much as I can both with my grandparents and have offered help with my Uncle and Aunt.  I probably won't look for an "official" job until Fall.  Thank goodness for crafting abilities and Etsy!  By Fall I hope to be working in San Antonio and have my own place again.  How I miss having a place of my own.  It's rather annoying to have to store the majority of your things, especially when you have to dig through boxes to find something.  Another advantage of the move is that a good friend of mine is moving back home as well.  While he is moving to San Antonio, it's only 30 minutes away and I've had other good friends that are looking forward to me moving back.  While I didn't address it on here, I ended 2 important friendships back in November with 2 individuals that I considered my best friends for the past 10 or so years.  While it is still extremely painful, certain actions by them were not only extremely hurtful and immature, it was in a weird way what I needed.  I know I'd have a harder time moving back if I still had their friendship.  I've learned that I need to let go sometimes.  Yes, it sucks to be "alone" but holding on to toxic friendships or stifling friendships are not healthy either.  While my head gets it, my heart is still hurting.  Still taking baby steps though....

Now for some other more random/fun things!  Over the past couple of months I have gotten into doing the whole freebie and sampling thing.  It's kind of addicting!  I'll probably talk about it more in detail later, but I'm amazed at what companies will give out for free.  The only problem is that now with all of the packing, it's just more "junk" to pack.  Junk being my word for pretty much all of my things!  LOL  Another thing I got sucked into is subscription boxes.  There are so many out there now!  I like it because with the sub boxes and freebie/samples , it's like getting presents all of the time.  I do think my mailman/mailwoman (I should just say mail carrier but it sounds too formal!) will be happy when I do finally move though!  So that's it for my little update and I'm planning to start blogging more now that we have finally settled on a move date.  I'm not making any promises this time as I don't want to break them ;)