Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Update of Sorts....

I've been really negligent in posting since I've moved in June.  My main problem is the lack of reliable internet service where I live.  I've gone from having 4G LTE internet to a broadband that reminds me of the days of AOL dial up!   Even cell phone service is unreliable.  I've been going through major internet withdrawl.  You know you have a problem when you miss reading your favorite blogs and watching your favorite YouTube channels on a regular basis.  I've making due with attempting to use the Blogger app on my phone and tablet so we shall see how it goes.

So back to business.  It was a crazy summer.  Between moving, my uncle's illness and death, finding place to live but having to clean it to make it liveable and getting a new full time job, I'm surprised I'm still sane.  Add to that acquiring 3 new pets (I really need to stop taking in strays!) while losing an older beloved one just added to the insanity!  Things are starting to settle down finally though.  We are finally going to start moving in to the place we rented, though it still needs a lot of work.  I've been wanting to take before and after pictures, but after dropping my phone in a bucket of paint Sunday, I've learned that it might not be a good idea.  On a good note my phone is still working and it was fully submerged in the paint.  Thank goodness for small miracles!  I am back working in retail despite my protestations against ever working retail again.  It is a lot different working at a small store in a small town as opposed to the insanity that was working at the San Marcos outlets.  My co-workers are an awesome group and I'm grateful for this job.  Not much else going on until November.  My friend surprised me with tickets to Wizard Con in Austin for my birthday so I'll definitely be posting photos and what not of it all.

I guess that's it for now as I'm writing this on my lunch hour and it's almost up.  Until the next time.....


  1. Wow, you've been up to a LOT! I'm so sorry about the loss of your uncle. Thank you for taking in strays. :) AOL dial-up, you say? Oh my gosh. I'd be bonkers.

  2. Thanks for the condolences, it's been an interesting time. I am going bonkers! I have no idea what's going on the the blogosphere including your ranch house! All my pets are strays I've taken in and if I still lived in the country I would take in more. I'm trying really hard not to turn into a future cat lady lol