Thursday, November 15, 2012

Patience is not one of my virtues

One thing I need to learn is patience.  It has never been one of my strong points and Lord help me when I have kids.  Now that we've settled on moving, we want it done now.  Looking at homes and trying to get things settled takes time yet I want everything done yesterday.  I think it's because I really dislike being in "limbo".  Part of the problem is that the area where I'm from is changing rapidly.  They have decided to drill for oil in the county and all of the surrounding towns are changing.  Housing is getting harder to find due to prices increasing to take advantage of the oil workers due to demand and housing is scarce to begin with.  I find it all so odd.  Some of these towns are so small that there is only one stop light.  Heck I remember when the stoplight was first installed when I was a kid and that was a BIG deal.  Sadly I'm not joking, there is only one major stoplight in my mom's hometown and the town we're moving to has flashing yellow lights on the main intersection. Now roads are being expanded and hotels are springing up.  In towns where the only place to eat out is the local Dairy Queen and a Mexican restaurant (that may or may not be owned by an extended family member), it's weird to see a La Quinta being built.  Makes me want to take a video camera and start filming a new reality show.  It could be a cross between Black Gold and The Simple Life with a little King of the Hill thrown in.  I could call it Roughneck in the Country. Then again, maybe not...

On another note, I've meant to write a few more posts but I hurt my back.  Up until Sunday I was stuck in bed, flat on my back where even breathing hurt.  Thank goodness I can move again, there is only so much daytime TV and Netflix a person can take.


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