Tuesday, February 5, 2013


When I started this blog I promised myself that I would have at least one post a week.  Things became a bit hectic and here I am almost three months later finally posting.  Life has a funny way of interrupting things. 

Things were a little interesting in November.  My birthday was the day before Thanksgiving this year, and mellow.  Just how I liked it.  I received some nice gifts, though my favorite was a Pop! figure of Daryl Dixon from a good friend.  I'm a huge Norman Reedus fan and have been fortunate enough to meet him a couple of years ago.  Such a cool guy.  Thanksgiving was low key,  thank goodness.  Unfortunately we received some more bad news.  While my grandfather is doing quite well, my uncle not so much.  He got sick the Monday before Thanksgiving.  They took him to the ER and had to run tests on some tumors they found.  The following week we received the bad news.  He has pancreatic cancer and they gave him 4-6 months.  His health was fine until he was taken to the ER.  Fortunately my dad lives with him and my aunt.  My aunt T is my father's oldest sister and suffers from Alzheimer's.  My dad has been living with them and helping out since he and my stepmother divorced a couple of years ago.  It was decided that she shouldn't be told giving her memory, but she knows something isn't quite right.  My dad's other sister came from Chicago right after New Year's to help out as well.  I'm very fortunate to have a family that comes together when we need too.  We might not always like each other or get along, but we love each other and are always there for each other.  My uncle's illness has affect both sides of my family.  I'm originally from a very small town (population 1000-1200 max) and families tend to intermarry (not within the family because that is just eww! Example:  a brother from one family marries a girl from another.  Later her younger sister marries her husband's younger brother).  How it affects both is my dad's oldest sister married a man who one of my mom's cousins.  If we lived in a bigger town/city we'd probably wouldn't see much of each other as so happens with distant s relations.  Not so in a small town.  I have such a huge extended family.  I know a lot of my distant cousins, though as the older generations pass on and we move away, it's now more of an acquaintanceship.  Sorry for the long winded explanation, just wanted to clarify! :D

Christmas was really good.  Reconnected with my cousin Jessica.  I'm an only child and growing up she was like my little sister, we were so close.  After high school she made so many bad decisions and we drifted apart. She's finally gotten her life back together and I'm glad to have her back in my life again.  I made sure to spend time with my uncle as this will be our last Christmas with him.  I must say that he really inspires me.  We go to visit often as we are still looking for a home there, and his attitude is always so upbeat.  He has always been a very positive and upbeat person and that has not changed in the slightest.  The only change is he tires so easily.  Part of it is age, he's 78 , but most is the illness.  When I get down or frustrated, I quickly put myself in check because if he can be positive, so can I.

Not much else going on.  I plan to start posting pics of things I've been doing, buying etc. as I don't want this page to be a downer.  I started it to just post about things I like, I'm into, I make, cool places I visit here in Austin,  etc.   I want to thank you three followers that I have.  I thought after the first post, no one is going to read this, so I'm glad to see someone is!  I meant this to be a mini update and started to ramble....sorry about that.    They will be shorter and hopefully more interesting!

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