Friday, February 8, 2013

Flashback Friday

In a conscious effort to blog regularly, I'm doing my own version of Flashback Friday.  I was inspired to do this by one of my favorite places to hangout with friends here in Austin, The Highball and their Friday night 80's Dance Party.  The Highball is a retro inspired place, with it's dark wood paneled walls, burgundy carpeting, booths in the ballroom covered with glitter gold vinyl, it's a retro loving girl's fantasy.  I like to think that the Rat Pack would hang out here if given the chance.  It's not a club, but it has a huge dance floor that has vintage style booths on one side and a large bandstand.  They have all kinds of themed dance parties and live bands that play regularly all throughout the week.  They also have a full service restaurant and bar in the middle, with great food.  The most awesome part is the other side and small upstairs area.  They have a vintage inspired bowling alley and karaoke rooms.  The karaoke rooms are my favorite.  Depending on the size of your group is the room you get and they are all themed.  Some examples are:   a 70s disco complete with disco ball to a country and western room with red gingham wall paper to a Tiki room, all to sing to your little hearts content in private.  But I digress.....the reason for this post.  I love 80s night, a regular Friday night occurrence, not only do they have awesome music, but they have a big screen where they show the videos at the same time.  As a child of the 80s, I'm in Heaven!  A huge group of people of all ages, dancing and singing along to awesome 80's music, dressing up 80's style is optional but definitely welcomed.  From Cindy Lauper to Duran Duran to Run DMC, it brings back so many memories.  Unfortunately, The Highball was recently torn down in a remodeling effort with the Alamo Drafthouse Lamar and will not be back for some months.  This is my way of dealing with the absence until it returns.   

What is up with Rick Springfield being everywhere today????   First he was on The View, then I heard Jessie's Girl on the radio several times today and finally I was watching silly videos on Cracked and they had one on Rick and Jessie's Girl.  I've always found it interesting to hear the word moot in this song, or any song for that matter.  Has it actually ever been used in any other song?  Not any others that I've heard.  I mean, who uses the word moot in a song?  Why would you use the word moot in a song?  What does it all mean in the context of the song?  While most would use another word, Rick is just awesome enough to say screw it, I like the word moot, so gosh darn it I'm going to use it and the rest of you can screw off! Or at least that's what I like to imagine he said.  Anyways, maybe it's a sign that he should be my first FF.  Not that I'm complaining.  I love that guy.  I remember first seeing that video when I was in elementary school and thinking he's cute. Those smoldering eyes, that perfectly feathered hair and the ability to sing and play guitar had my 9 year old self swooning.  (Yes my celebrity crushes started young.  Sad to say my first celebrity crush was at the age of 5.  My heart belonged to Chachi, oh how I loathed Joanie!  That however is for another post.)  I still get get excited when he occasionally pops back on General Hospital.  Dr Noah Drake, how the fans love you!  He was actually in town last year on a book tour, but I wasn't able to go :(  One day I will meet you Rick Springfield!  Hopefully it will be soon as I don't know how much longer you will still look good as you have gotten a bit too thin!  So without further ado, a favorite 80's video with a song to get stuck in your head.  


Random Trivia:  Did you know he dated Linda Blair back in the day?  Yes that Linda Blair, the head spinning possessed child in The Exorcist.  She was 15 or 16 and he was 23.  Her family approved and he even spent Christmas with them one year and stayed in their house.  (I really need to stop watching VH1's Behind the Music and E!'s True Hollywood Stories.)  Can you imagine an 20 something rocker dating an underage teenage star now?!?!  People would freak, rail and rally.  Can you imagine all of the bad press and paparazzi drama.  They'd be TMZ superstars.  I still find in a bit odd, even though they both are still good friends and were really in love back then.

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